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Cracked Tooth Repair

Your teeth are incredibly strong and can withstand enormous amounts of pressure. The enamel on the outside of your teeth is more durable than bone, protecting your teeth from damage. However, even healthy teeth can be cracked under the right circumstances, putting them at risk for decay, infection, and extraction. At River Ranch Dental, we can repair most cracked or damaged teeth to save them from further damage with general dentistry.

A cracked, chipped, or damaged tooth should be considered a dental emergency. Often they will cause pain and sensitivity to temperature, but that is not always the case. Regardless of whether or not a damaged tooth is causing you discomfort, you should seek immediate dental treatment. Repairing the tooth can prevent further damage and painful repercussions down the road. When you or a family member has a damaged tooth, call us for an emergency dental appointment. We may be able to see you the same day.

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