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Dental Technology

Like all medical fields, dentistry is constantly improving, especially when it comes to technology. At our dentist office in Midlothian, we use the latest dental technology to improve the experience for our patients while giving them access to the best care available. Using new technology helps make dental treatments quicker and more efficient, especially when it comes to imagery and procedures. We have implemented digital x-rays and intraoral cameras into our practice to ensure we can give our patients the best care available.

Digital X-rays

Viewing the health of your jaw and teeth is integral to giving you the best dental care. Digital x-rays offer a clearer, more enhanced view of your oral health so we can catch dental issues when they first begin. Digital x-rays also reduce the radiation exposure up to 70-80% over conventional x-rays, making them safer for our patients. This is a better option to allow us to give our patients the highest level of dental care in a safe environment.

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