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Root Canal Therapy

When you have severe tooth pain, you need an experienced dentist to help you stop the pain and repair the problem. At River Ranch Dental, Dr. Rivers and our dental team are here to treat your painful dental issue. Often a severe toothache can mean infection. Once the root of a tooth is damaged due to infection or trauma, there may be only one way to stop the pain and save the tooth. Root canal therapy can be that general dentistry treatment and our team may be able to repair your painful tooth.

Many people equate root canal therapy with pain, but the procedure is what can stop a severe toothache. When decay or infection penetrates the exterior of the tooth and reaches the interior pulp, the tooth root can be affected. If the root begins to die, it can cause pain and put the tooth at risk. Root canals remove the infection and damaged tooth root, saving the tooth and stopping the pain. The procedure is not painful, with the discomfort level of filling a cavity.

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